English tip: British vs. American spelling

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Today’s tip comes from Oxford Dictionary. The differences between British and American spelling don’t usually keep the student from identifying a word, but it’s interesting to know which is which so that we can try to follow a pattern.

Double l at the end of verbs:
American: canceling; traveled
British: cancelling; travelled

ter > tre ending:
American: center; theater
British: centre; theatre

ense > ence ending:
American: defense; license
British: defence; licence

or > our ending:
American: favor; color; humor
British: favour; colour; humour

og/ogue > ogue ending:
American: catalog/catalogue; dialog/dialogue
British: catalogue; dialogue

ize > ize/ise verb ending and derivatives:
American: realize – realization
British: realize or realise – realization or realisation

Other cases:
American: analyze; anemia; check; cozy; gray; jewelry; mold; pajamas; plow; practice; skeptical; tire
British: analyse; anaemia; cheque; cosy; grey; jewellery; mould; pyjamas; plough; practise; sceptical; tyre


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