Present time, part III: Simple past referring to present

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It’s possible to use the past tense to refer to present time in certain situations (very similar to what we do in Portuguese – Eu queria saber qual o horário do próximo ônibus).

For reasons of indirectness and politeness, the past simple and the past continuous may sometimes be used with present-time reference, especially with verbs such as be, hope, look for, think, want, wonder:


[on the phone to train timetable enquiries]
Actually I wanted to check if there’s a twenty-five-past train.

[at a cosmetics counter in a store, enquiring about face protection products; A is the customer]
A: What’s the best kind?
B: Probably just a very light liquid.
A: Right. I was looking for one for the cold weather, you know.

[customer in a travel agent’s]
We were wondering about going to Amsterdam. We were wanting to stay in tents or in a caravan or in a bed and breakfast, to sort of see what the different prices were.

[dry cleaner’s store: customer (B) is leaving a jacket for cleaning]
A: Right. What was the name please?
B: Smith.

* Be is not used in the past tense form in this way to comment on the immediate situation:
[dinner guest to host, at the moment of tasting a fish dish]
A: Mm. This fish is delicious. not: This fish was delicious.
B: Thank you. I’m glad you like it.

Adapted from Cambridge Grammar of English.


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