Slang time!

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First and foremost, you should know that slang (gíria) is an uncountable word in English, so you don’t learn *slangs, but slang words, slang expressions, slang terms… =)

I’ve bought this very interesting book by Jack Scholes – it’s called Slang: Gírias Atuais do Inglês and I highly recommend it. I’ll select a few expressions from each part and share with you (the book is organized alphabetically).

Slang with A:

Ace: craque, habilidoso
He’s an ace at doing crossword puzzles.

Ace in the hole/Ace up your sleeve: carta na manga
In a difficult negotiation, it’s always a good idea to have an ace up your sleeve.

Airhead: idiota, bobo – cabeça de vento
Some airhead put sugar in the saltpot.

ASAP: o quanto antes – as soon as possible
I need the report on my desk  ASAP/asap.

Asshole: cretino
He’s such an asshole!

Awesome: impressionante, legal, animal
Your new car is really awesome!


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