Vocabulary: American vs. British

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I’ve written here before about differences in spelling between British and American English. Now let’s see some vocabulary differences, which are also common.

American British Portuguese
Apartment Flat Apartamento
Can Tin Lata
Candy Sweets Doce
Cell phone Mobile Telefone celular
Closet Wardrobe Guarda-roupas
Diaper Nappy Fralda
Drugstore Chemist’s Farmácia
Eggplant Aubergine Berinjela
Elevator Lift Elevador
Eraser Rubber Borracha
Fall Autumn Outono
Faucet Tap Torneira
Gas Petrol Gasolina
Line Queue Fila
Movie theater Cinema Cinema
Pants Trousers Calças
Potato chips Crisps Batata frita (em sacos)
Sidewalk Pavement Calçada
Store Shop Loja
Subway Underground Metrô
Trash Rubbish Lixo
Truck Lorry Caminhão
Vacation Holiday Férias
Zucchini Courgette Abobrinha

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