Talking about the weather

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This has been an unfortunate week regarding the weather, especially in Rio Grande do Sul, with all the rain, and in Japan, with the earthquake and tsunami. While we hope things will soon get better, here are some tips for talking about the weather.

Noun Adjective
Sun Sunny
Rain Rainy
Wind Windy
Cloud Cloudy
Snow Snowy
Fog Foggy
Thunder Thundery
Heat Hot
Ice Ic(e)y
Shower Showery
Humidity Humid

Other useful words:

It’s very hot in Mexico – it is often 45 degrees there in the summer.
It’s very cold in the Artic – it is often minus 5o degrees there.
It’s very wet in London – carry an umbrella when you go sightseeing there.
It’s very dry in the Sahara – it doesn’t often rain there.
A hurricane is a very strong wind.
A storm is when there is a strong wind and rain together.
A thunderstorm is when there is thunder, lightning, rain and sometimes wind together.

Temperature scale:
Boiling (very hot) > hot > warm > not very warm > cool > cold (also chilly) > freezing (very cold)

Source: Adapted from Cambridge Vocabulary in Use.


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