Vocabulary: The media

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Let’s take a look at vocabulary related to the media today.

Radio and TV
The news is on TV at 6 o’clock. (As notícias in Portuguese, but it’s singular in English)
Do you watch soap operas? Yes, I watch Insensato Coração every day.
I watched a documentary last night about drugs and young people.
I love talk shows, such as The Oprah Winfrey Show.
The children watch cartoons on Saturday mornings.
I always watch sports programs and films.

Newspapers and magazines
In most countries there are morning newspapers and evening newspapers.
I buy a news magazine every week, usually Época.
My sister buys women’s magazines, such as Elle.
My little brother buys comics.

Media and technology
Do you have satellite/cable TV?
How many channels do you have? We have 60.
You can read some newspapers on the Internet.

People and the media
There was an interview with the US president on TV last night.
The reporters are in Japan covering the tsunami.
My cousin is a journalist. She writes for The New York Times newspaper.

Source: Adapted from English Vocabulary in Use.


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