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Verbs + infinitive

abr 26, 2011 No Comments by

Today we’ll take a look at some important verbs that are followed by infinitive (to + verb). Agree: He agreed to help me with the research. Arrange: Let’s arrange to meet them at the gate before the match. Decide: Jane decided to wear a pink dress. Deserve: The mean girl deserves to be punished. Expect: […]

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Confusing verbs: raise and rise

abr 19, 2011 No Comments by

It’s very common to confuse these two verbs, but if you think that raise always needs an object, and rise has no object, it might become much easier to understand. In Portuguese, we could say that raise is levantar algo/alguém, and rise would be levantar-se. Also remember that raise is a regular verb (raise – […]

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Slang with “C”

abr 01, 2011 2 Comments

Let’s continue studying slang, today with the letter “C”. Cheesy: inferior, malfeito; brega, cafona What a cheesy shirt! This song is so cheesy. Chick: mulher, moça; mina, gata I met a nice chick at the party. To chill, to chill out: relaxar, descansar; ficar frio I’m not going out today, I’m just going to chill. […]

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