Verbs + infinitive

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Today we’ll take a look at some important verbs that are followed by infinitive (to + verb).

Agree: He agreed to help me with the research.
Arrange: Let’s arrange to meet them at the gate before the match.
Decide: Jane decided to wear a pink dress.
Deserve: The mean girl deserves to be punished.
Expect: The students expect to be chosen for the scholarship.
Fail: If you fail to meet the requirements, you’ll be dismissed.
Hope: We hope to travel to Europe again next year.
Manage: Nowadays, mothers manage to work and care for the kids at the same time.
Need: You need to talk to her and apologize.
Offer: John offered to take us home after the party.
Pretend: Lynn pretended to be happy, when in fact she was miserable.
Want: They want to watch a movie tonight.

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