Canadian English

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Since the destination is Canada, here are some differences between American and Canadian vocabulary. We can see the British and French influence in many words.

take an exam write/take an exam
grades grades or marks
round-trip (two-way ticket) round-trip or return
subway metro or subway
studio bachelor or one-and-a-half apartment (Quebec)
fire station fire hall or firehouse
restroom washroom
gas station gasbar
convenience store dep (short for déppaneur)
silverware cutlery
napkin serviette
faucet tap
ATM (automated teller machine) ABM, bank machine
sofa, couch sofa, couch, chesterfield (sometimes)
garbage disposal garburator
whole milk homogenized milk, homo milk
electrical service hydro (from hydroelectricity)
colored pencil pencil crayon
sneakers sneakers or running shoes
beanie toque
soda pop or soft drink
candy bar chocolate bar
French fries French fries or chips
whole-wheat bread brown bread
zip code postal code
expiration date expiry date
watch your step mind the gap

Other terms and Canadianisms:

  • Loonie: 1-dollar coin.
  • Toonie: 2-dollar coin.
  • Double-double: a cup of coffee with two creams and two sugars.
  • Two-four: a case of 24 beers.
  • Half-sack or Poverty-pack: a case of 6 beers.
  • Poutine: a snack of French fries topped with cheese and hot gravy.
  • Rubber: slang for condom.

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