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I really enjoy some courtroom shows, like Law & Order, so I realized that I was already familiar with a lot of this vocabulary – and you might be too! In the United States, reality courtroom shows are also common. People take their real cases to TV and a judge helps them work things out. Let’s take a look at some common terms:

English Definition Portuguese
attorney n. 1 a person appointed to act for or represent another 2US lawyer advogado
barristerUK n. a lawyer who pleads before a superior court advogado
case n. statement of the facts in a trial, esp. the argument of one side causa, caso
contract n. a formal agreement, usually in writing, between two or more parties contrato
court of law n. the place where law cases are hear and decided; court – courtroom n. corte, tribunal
evidence n. information presented to a court to prove or support a point in question evidência, prova
guilty adj. responsible for wrong; culpable – guilt n. not guilty adj. culpado
judge n. public official with authority to hear and decide cases in a court of law – also v. juiz
jury n. a group of people chosen to hear the evidence of a case and give a decision juri
lawsuit n. a trial at court between two private parties processo, ação judicial
lawyer n. a person trained in law and who advises or represents others advogado
magistrate n. an official who acts as a judge in the lowest courts of law magistrado
plead v. 1 to defend a law case 2 to declare oneself to be guilty or not guilty – plea n. defender; declarar-se (culpado ou inocente)
prosecutor n. a public official who charges sb officially with a crime and  prosecutes  them in court promotor
sentence n. 1 decision of a court, esp. as to the punishment 2 the punishment – also v. sentença
solicitor n. 1UK lawyer advising clients & briefing barristers 2US law officer for a city etc advogado (tribunais inferiores)
sue v. to start legal action against someone in a court of law – lawsuit n. processar
trial n. a formal examination of a case in a court of law – to try v. julgamento
verdict n. the formal decision or finding of a judge or jury veredicto

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