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Idioms challenge! Part II

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Here’s the second part of the challenge! Can you guess the meaning of these idioms? Answers at the end. 1. Someone who has changed their tune a) had a strong opinion about something and then unexpectedly formed the opposite opinion; b) has started to play a new musical instrument. 2. A person who plays second […]

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Idioms challenge! Part I

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Are you up for another challenge? This time I have some idioms for you to guess what they mean – or maybe you already know them! The answers are at the bottom of the post. 1. If you are the kind of person who toots your own horn, a) you are an assertive person, capable […]

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A lot of students complain that the English language pronunciation is too confusing, because the same letter can have a variety of different sounds. And since they do not use accents, it’s difficult to predict these different sounds. Unfortunately, this is very much true, as English is not phonetic – which means words are not […]

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