Political vocabulary

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Já que é tempo de eleições, no Brasil e nos EUA, vamos dar uma olhada em vocabulário relacionado a política?

Tente completar as frases com as palavras ou expressões. Depois, confira suas respostas e veja a tradução.

a)    electorate
b)    referendum
c)    propaganda
d)    opinion polls
e)    parliament
f)    polling stations
g)    to vote
h)    campaign ad
i)    majority
j)    policies
k)    ballot boxes

1.    I would like _______ for your party but I disagree with your _______ on free trade.
2.    The election was thrown into chaos when two of the_______ were destroyed in fires and several _______ went missing at the close of voting.
3.    The opposition party won a large _______ in the new_______ and the government accepted defeat.
4.    The government lost the election because it had lost the trust of the _______ after more than a decade in power.
5.    Despite being more than 5% behind in the most of the latest _______, we are still optimistic of winning the election next month.
6.    The Prime Minister was heavily criticized last month for giving the go ahead to broadcast a _______ which personally attacked the leader of the opposition.
7.    In the UK, any constitutional changes made by the government need to be approved in a _______.
8.    _______ is usually used most frequently during a time of war as enemies use radio, TV and newsprint to attack each other’s actions and ideology.


Answers: 1. g/j ; 2. f/k; 3. i/e; 4. a; 5. d; 6. h; 7. b; 8. c

a)    electorate: eleitorado
b)    referendum: referendo
c)    propaganda: propaganda
d)    opinion polls: pesquisas de opinião
e)    parliament: parlamento
f)    polling stations: seções eleitorais
g)    to vote: votar
h)    campaign ad: anúncio de campanha
i)    majority: maioria
j)    policies: políticas
k)    ballot boxes: urnas

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